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Have you ever stood in a supermarket grocery aisle flummoxed at the thousands of options of food in front of you? You are not alone. There are hundreds of varieties in every major category including cereals, condiments, crackers, and beverages. Unless you have already developed a strong preference for a […]

So many choices, nothing to choose

Eric Harris
We are very happy to introduce to you our newest Board member: Eric Harris! He joined us last month. Here is a brief bio of him. Please help us welcome him to HIP! Eric Harris was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has traveled across the US and Europe […]

Introducing our newest Board member: Eric Harris

AmeriCorps members, over the years, serving at Hunger Intervention Program
The recently proposed “America First” budget proposal would, among other horrors, completely defund the Corporation for National and Community Service, which includes AmeriCorps. I know there are a lot of scary cuts in this proposal, but from my perspective there is none as damaging and illogical as defunding AmeriCorps. There […]

Why I fight to preserve AmeriCorps funding

WA state breakfas report card
We want our children to start their day right, with a healthy breakfast, so that they can learn in school instead of getting distracted with grumbling stomach. It’s a matter of equity. All children, irrespective of their economic or social conditions, should have the same opportunities to reach their full […]

Advocacy Alert! Save School Breakfast

Ty (2)
Hello Everybody! My name is Ty and I am going to be the 2017 AmeriCorps VISTA for HIP. I am overjoyed to be joining the community and dedicating my time to increasing outreach programs and strategies, here at HIP. To get a jump start on my formal greeting to the Lake […]

Introducing Ty — Our newest VISTA member!

WA delegation at the Hill
I was comfortably sitting at the window seat on my long flight back from Washington DC to Seattle. I just wanted to close my eyes and take some rest after three intense days at the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference. But my mind was racing with millions of thoughts, trying to […]

Five things I learned at the National Anti-Hunger policy Conference

Valentines day notes written by our volunteers and program participants to our Muslim and immigrant neighbors
When Valentina immigrated to the USA from El Salvador with her children, she was also hoping to leave hunger behind. She has been living in the Seattle area now for many years and the specter of hunger is still not a distant dream. “As an adult I had to go through […]

Everyone is welcome here

tamale partay
Snow is falling in big white chunks outside my window.  Coffee mug in hand, I bundle up and head out the door.  The air is grey and quiet as I cross at the light on 15th Ave and begin my steep descent down to Lake City. I have been making […]

The End of My HIP Journey

Hale students unloading food from Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) for their new Food Pantry
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2017 Contact: Srijan Chakraborty Executive Director Email: Srijan@HungerIntervention.org Phone:   206-538-6567 (Office) Hunger Intervention Program to partner with Nathan Hale High School to Install Student-Run Weekend Food Pantry Seattle, WA – Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) is partnering with Nathan Hale High School to provide weekend food […]

Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) starts a new Food Pantry Program ...