I’m sitting in the new HIP office on my second to last day as an AmeriCorps program coordinator, staring at our perfectly pear green accent wall that I helped paint. I still remember the first time I sat down at my desk in the old HIP office, a year ago, […]

Chucky Cheesy End of Term Essay

Ramine at our end-of-summer volunteer party
“You don’t leave until the work is done”. When I think of our volunteers, Rose and Ramine, that’s the statement that comes to my mind. It was a Monday morning at HIP during this summer. A busy day in the kitchen preparing for Senior Meals and Summer Meals at the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Rose & Ramine

Grace busy in kitchen chopping green onions
It is always hard to say goodbye to our AmeriCorps members after we get to know them and work with them for close to a year. Last week Phoenica’s term with HIP ended. As much as we wanted to keep her at HIP forever, we know she is off to […]

Meet Grace!

Looking for a fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunity this fall? Well look no further! HIP is looking for volunteers to help with our Afterschool Meals Program.   HIP serves a healthy snack to youth at the Lake City Library who take advantage of the Library’s free afterschool tutoring program. Many […]

Afterschool Meals Volunteers Needed!

A bunch of cool kids at Jane Addams 1
Hello everyone! My name is Maeve and I have had the great enjoyment and incredible privilege to be able to run the summer meals site at Jane Addams Middle School this summer. Perhaps you have visited us at shady Jane Addams or maybe you have simply driven down 110th street […]

Summer Meals: Less About Need, More About Community

Anders is one of our eight Summer Corps members who served at the Lake City Court meal site. Here he writes about a typical day for him during the summer. Wow! I can’t believe how quickly these 10 weeks have gone by. I’ve had an absolute blast serving kids and […]

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, Vanman!

The Fuel your Future program has given me a unique opportunity to have an impact in my own neighborhood. In college, as I studied international political economy, I day dreamed about becoming an international journalist or NGO director, working to solve some global crisis. Just as I hoped, the day after I walked the […]

A Woman Named Charity

Strawberry fruit chews.png 1
A blog post with real English words? Doesn’t that excite you and make you want to read? Do you think I’m being facetious? Then what do you think of “fruit smoothie with real fruits”? I’m quoting that from a billboard advertisement next to a fast food restaurant which I saw recently. What […]

A blog with real English words

Working with the good people at the Hunger Intervention Program has been a real blast. I had so much fun getting to know all my kids more personally, as well as their parents. I was a bit worried in the beginning that I was not going to be able to […]

A Summer Serving Lake City