Hello, my name is Ramine Jarrahian and I am currently an Americorps VISTA working at the Hunger Intervention Program for the summer. So far my time as a VISTA at HIP has been quite an experience. Although I have volunteered at HIP in the past, the last two summers in […]

From the Past, to the Present, and into the Future–Forever ...

My summer as an Americorps VISTA member with the Hunger Intervention Program has been very memorable, rewarding, and has helped me better understand the prevalence of food insecurity in King County. Not only have I had the opportunity to reduce food insecurity by providing free meals to those in need, […]

Tasty Meals, Warm Smiles, and Big Hugs at ADWAS

Hello everyone! My name is Aleesha Gray and my site this summer is Jackson Park. Before I start talking about all the wonderful perks of Jackson park and, of course, what makes Jackson park such a lively place to be at every day, I would like to give some in […]

A Connection Deeper Than You Can Even Imagine

My name’s Marquesa and I’m the VISTA site supervisor for Paramount School Park. When I got accepted to be apart of summer meals, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew that we would be serving food and making some sort of impact within the community but what I […]

It’s More Than Just a Meal at Paramount School Park

Did you know that Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) as an organization was born in 2008? That means this year we get to celebrate ten years of serving and building community! So much has changed since the time we started. Many new programs have taken shape and grown over the years. […]

HIP celebrates ten years of serving and building community

We are excited to welcome Anne to the HIP Board of Directors. You can learn a little more about her and why she is interested in being a board member for HIP below. Anne Vold holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Washington and a Juris […]

Anne Vold: New Board Member

Healthy meals and fun physical activities help seniors stay healthy and happy “I never danced when I was young, but now that I’m an oldie I always dance.” You may not think about dancing when we talk about our Senior Meals Program at the Lake City Community Center, but that […]

Healthy aging for mind and body

HIP is serving 200 nutritious meals a day to children and families in need. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and kids are eating summer meals! Now that summer is here, we have officially started our Summer Eats Program, which provides lunches and activities to kids and their […]

Summer of Food and Fun is ON!

Rhoda Ashley Morrow, one of the founding members of HIP, remembers a tense meeting at DESC that had HIP taking up serving breakfasts at the shelter “every day of the year”! This story is part of a series where we are looking back at our ten-year history since the founding […]

A tense meeting at the Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC)