It happens from time to time: you are stumbling through some underbrush or bushwacking to get back on the proper trail and all of a sudden you feel a dull stinging sensation on your arms or legs. You have been stung by a stinging nettle! Nettle are a herbaceous plant […]

Cooking with Foraged Foods: Nettle Pesto

Dandelions in the yard
It’s spring-time, and if your yard is anything like mine, you are probably thinking of how to get rid of all the dandelions. They are everywhere, whether you like them of not. They can be a nuisance if you want to maintain a green lawn. But the spread of yellow […]

Cooking with foraged foods: Dandelion Pesto

HIP Packs by Shannon Gottesman family
Most of our volunteers come to us. They come to our kitchen space for meal prep, our common space for our Packing Parties, and our host sites for our cooking/nutrition classes. However, once in a while, we get a few volunteers that go above and beyond, and take our mission […]

A Family Project for Good: HIP Packs at Home

flat-paper-coffee-cup-vector 1
A paper cup is all I wanted to save. A normal, regular, paper cup. I wasn’t trying to change the world. I wasn’t trying to stop global climate change. I was at one of many ubiquitous coffee shops in Seattle. I had some time on hand and as a good […]

Saving a paper cup

I am most definitely not a morning person, yet breakfast is my favorite meal. Go figure. Leftover rice, eggs, and green onions is my very favorite. For some people, it’s a banana on the go, while others may indulge in something that takes a little time, like hot oatmeal with […]

The surprising connection between oats and votes

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, some intruders forcefully entered the Lake City Presbyterian Church building and vandalized the office of Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) located within the church. The intruders ransacked all file cabinets and paper documents, and threw the papers all over the place. Only a few things seem […]

Hunger Intervention Program office broken in and vandalized

Birds are singing, cherry blossoms are blooming, and it’s slightly less rainy! Spring is coming! But we are still waiting for a lot of those spring veggies to come up and bring new life to our gardens and farmers markets. While we are anxiously awaiting their arrival, it’s a good […]

Roasted Applesauce

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Stephen joined HIP just last week as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. He will be working on outreach and Internal capacity building at HIP. We are very excited to have him join our team. Please welcome Stephen! Hello Everyone! My name is Stephen and I am a new face around here at […]

Meet Stephen

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of underserved populations in the Lake City  neighborhood and at the same time gain knowledge and skills to further your career in the non-profit sector? Look no further! HIP is looking for two interns (part-time, volunteer) to join our team. HIP […]

Intern at HIP