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What would you do if you find out that you have to throw away all your turkey just a few hours before a big Thanksgiving meal that you were going to serve to more than 100 guests? That was a scary moment, but what happened next was even more amazing. But I’m getting ahead in […]

Turkey Tragedy: A Tale of Teamwork Under Pressure

Hunger Intervention program (HIP) is looking for an AmeriCorps VISTA member who will be our Food Security Awareness Champion. Apply If you are interested or share this with anyone who might be interested in this role. This is a great opportunity to champion the cause of food security in the north-end […]

HIP is looking for a Food Security Awareness Champion (AmeriCorps ...

Serving up some freshly made squash Alfredo to the folks at North Helpline food bank
It’s that time of year and we’re up to eyebrows in winter squashes: acorn, butternut, kabocha, spaghetti, pumpkin…oh my! You’ve tried roasted squash, squash salad, and even squash soup… and perhaps you’re not the biggest squash fan. But have you tried a squash Alfredo sauce with your pasta? This simple […]

Let your gourd down: giving squash a chance through pasta

The versatility of day-old bread is its saving grace. It’s not uncommon to see our food processor whirling bread into crumbs to later go in meatballs. Just as often we will cut it up into little cubes and bake into croutons. Another creative use of the bread that we have […]

Bread Renewed: Dried Cherry Bread Pudding

Although fish can often be a difficult recipe to impress a crowd, herbed white fish casserole always goes over very well with our Senior Meals guests and has become a regular part of the menu. The recipe was fished out of an old cook book and adapted for us by […]

The fish dish for people who don’t like fish

Who doesn’t love a great banana bread recipe? We sure do! The great part about banana bread is that you want the bananas to be past their prime ripeness, when most people would want to throw them out. Luckily for HIP, when we get a large quantity of bananas we […]

When life gives you bananas…

How long do you have to go without food to be hungry? Do you have to miss a meal regularly to say that you are facing hunger? How frequently does that have to be? Once a week or month? How about once a year? Is hunger a mental state where […]

What is hunger?

Yuri Kim
Please welcome Yuri Kim, our newest Board Member! We are very excited to have him join our team. Yuri Kim is the Community Impact Manager of Family Stability for United Way of King County where he manages United Way’s investments in financial impact, childhood hunger, employment, and connections to additional resources. […]

Introducing our newest Board Member — Yuri Kim!

Hello hello! This is Phoenica here, the new AmeriCorps member at this wonderful place known was HIP. You’re probably wondering how to pronounce the name, so I’ll give you a tip: my name is “Phoenix” (my hometown) and “America” squished together. No worries if you get it wrong; I actually […]

Meet Phoenica!