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HIP Donor Spotlight: Eastlake Community Church

20131218_144024 EastlakeCC

Two cars and lots of food.

Dana McDowell was the driving force behind the HIP Food Drive at Eastlake Community Church- Wedgwood. In December, the congregation wanted to meet a basic need in the community. That something was food. Dana provided each family with a brown grocery bag, a list of needed Healthy HIP Pack foods, and told everybody to ”fill ‘em up!”

Armed with the information and tools needed, they went to town, filling the bags with crackers, snack-sized peanut butter, tuna cans, fruit cups, and all sorts of goodies for our Healthy HIP Pack recipients to enjoy.

No space is left unfilled!

In all, Eastlake Community Church donated 3,360 pounds of food for our Healthy HIP Pack Program!

For Dana and the church, coming together to support HIP gave them the opportunity to learn more about the hunger needs in their community. For HIP, this huge food donation had the immediate effect of helping to stretch our program dollars and made it possible to provide more students with Healthy HIP Packs.

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