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Summer Meals Volunteer Spotlight

Much thanks for our guest contributor Jacque Ines. Jacque is a corps member in United Way’s One Million Meals Campaign, meaning she has dedicated her summer to feeding kids and teens through HIP’s summer meal program.

HIP Summer Meals takes a lot of work, dedication, and wonderful volunteers! So, this week, I interviewed one of our regular volunteers at the Lake City Community Center.


Bella Flaccus has been volunteering with HIP since the beginning of summer meals three years ago. She has helped distribute meals at Lake City Court, Lake City Community Center, and she also lends a hand during Friday morning meal preparations. Her favorite part about summer meals is that she gets to feed families, and it’s a rewarding experience. When I asked her what food at the meal sites looked the best, she said, “peanut butter and jelly because the kids like it”. While peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are indeed the crowd’s favorite, HIP has had some success with their turkey meatballs and cheese sandwiches as well! HIP has also recently started their Popsicles Wednesdays, and Bella has had the opportunity to pass them out to all the excited kids at the Lake City Community Center. (Wednesdays are undoubtedly the stickiest days of the week!) Bella’s least favorite part about summer meals is when meal sites run out of food, but overall, she really enjoys working with HIP and meeting new people.

Fun fact: Bella’s birthday is on August 18th, so if you’re at Lake City Community Center that day, wish her a happy birthday!

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