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My Summer Meals Site: Lake City Court

Jimmy, with one of the regulars at the Lake City Court Summer Meals site
Jimmy, with one of the regulars at the Lake City Court Summer Meals site

Lake City Court is an 86-unit, affordable apartment building in our community and is one of Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) Summer Meals sites. Jimmy is the AmeriCorps VISTA member from United Way of King County who is the site supervisor there and coordinates meals and activities at that site for us. He wrote this piece about his experience in operating the summer meals site there.

Having been the site supervisor at Lake City Court for a little over a month now, I have gotten more familiar to the different kids that come and their families. I was really surprised when I found how nice the housing was and would soon find that the families that were there already knew a lot about HIP and how the program was run so I received a lot of help my first couple of days from the parents. The kids in Lake City Court have been a great help by helping me set up and have also even started to get rid of old bad habits like pouring milk and spitting water at each other. Most of the kids love to play tag and hide and go seek and many of the older kids like to play basketball and just have a conversation. I noticed that many of the older siblings take really good care of their younger brothers and sisters even though they are practically babies themselves! I will miss a lot of the kids I got to work with over the summer, even Cecil who tries to bite my arm almost every other time I get to see him.

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