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Photo Journal: My Summer Meals Experience at HIP

Hi! I’m Kiyomi, one of the interns with HIP and United Way. I’m the site supervisor for Nathan Hale High School. Our site consists of many teens from the high school and lots of kids from around the neighborhood. My site started from an average of 8 kids, to an average of 20 kids. It’s been a lot of fun working with HIP and at Nathan Hale! Here are some of the photos I have taken over the past few weeks.

Every Thursday Morning, our team of interns hands out fliers and door hangers around our community. Here is Olivia and Danielle putting up door hangers near Jackson Park!


Food Prep! Every Monday and Friday evenings, we prepare the food we give out at our sites! Here is Jacky (supervisor of the Lake City Community Center site), excited about making cheese sandwiches.


Here I am ready to put away my cooler in the van before heading over to Nathan Hale!


Our team of interns (in blue) and Brian, the Americorps member for HIP during the 2014-2015 year!


Volunteers at Nathan Hale showing off our fabulous signage!


Danielle and Jacky are always creative and make the best arts and crafts projects for the kids at their sites. Here we are modeling them.


Here is Danielle writing down numbers for the meal count sheets.


Jimmy and Olivia were SO excited to be preparing for the Lake City Salmon Festival next weekend! Keep your eyes out for the HIP crew as we walk in the parade!


Darcy is the Meal Program Coordinator for HIP and she is fantastic! Today she helped with food prep by making delicious cheese quesadillas that everyone loved.


The HIP van as it prepares to leave on Friday to hand out our weekend “HIP Packs”.


Here I am at Nathan Hale showing off our delicious chicken pesto meatballs and the free books we give at Nathan Hale. The teens love taking the books and always request for more.


Here is Danielle helping with clean-up at the end of the day. On Friday’s we have to donate food to North Helpline if we have extra!


A few weeks ago, Jacque volunteered to be the test subject for hair dye. The kids loved it!


Here are the weekend packs (HIP Packs) that each child can get for the weekend. It has oatmeal, soup, cereal, juice and more.


Another craft made by Jacque: a flower crown!


Here is Sarah, a regular volunteer at Nathan Hale. She is also a student there and is dedicated to helping HIP out!


Here is Sarah modeling the tattoos!


Bella is a regular volunteer on Wednesdays at Nathan Hale. She loves interacting with kids! This day, we had a survey for the kids to mark off what their favorite foods were. The result: Watermelon is very popular, and nobody likes Oatmeal.


This is Shawn, a new intern with HIP, playing basketball with one of the kids during snack at Jackson Park.




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