Hungry kids can’t learn in school

“What I liked about it is I get food every Thursday, and there’s yummy food and there’s bars and nice food and I like that there’s soup. Thank u for the food” 
– A student from Briarcrest elementary school who received our Healthy HIP Packs

back-to-schoolIt is back to school time. As a new school-year starts, there is a lot that children and their families will have to worry about. Hunger shouldn’t be one of them.

We don’t need to understand complicated physiology to understand that a hungry kid can’t learn in school. Students who receive free and reduced-price school lunches on weekdays have to worry about their weekend meals when school lunches are not available. Some children are often forced to go without adequate food. That is why our Healthy HIP Packs Program exists — to make sure all children get the nutrition they deserve. Please make a generous donation today to help support our Healthy HIP Packs Program.

You have heard this before, and I’ll say that again, because it’s true: You are the reason we are able to do the work that we do at HIP. Your donation helps neighbors in your community who are struggling to put food on their tables. Can we count on your support to continue our programs?

Children going back to school this month need your support to remain focused on their studies, instead of worrying about where their next meal is going to come from. Your support can level the playing field for these children, paving the way for their success. No gift is too small. Please make a gift that is meaningful to you, today. Together we can eliminate hunger in our community.

  Thank you!
  Srijan Chakraborty
  Executive Director


PS. Students need your help to stay out of hunger. Please donate today and help us end hunger in Seattle.


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