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Introducing Ty — Our newest VISTA member!

Ty (2)Hello Everybody! My name is Ty and I am going to be the 2017 AmeriCorps VISTA for HIP. I am overjoyed to be joining the community and dedicating my time to increasing outreach programs and strategies, here at HIP.

To get a jump start on my formal greeting to the Lake City community, I will share a few tidbits about me! I grew up in LA, California and studied in New York for a degree in culinary arts as well as business management and food studies. I am passionate about every aspect of food and have planned my career path to work through the food system of America.; so far I have worked in restaurants, farms, and now I get the amazing opportunity to see food in the non-for profit world. It is a belief of mine that everyone should have access to clean and nutritious food which is why I chose to make working at HIP my next learning experience. It was HIP’s common and shared belief that attracted me to my sparkling new position as a VISTA and I am more motivated than ever to work with such a loving and kind group of people.

Since this is my first week, at HIP you will probably see me bouncing my way towards you with a  cup of coffee, don’t worry I am harmless; or  working one of the many programs for the morning. So far I have met some of the kindness people within our community and can’t wait to meet each and everyone of you!

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