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Power is the understanding that we can create change

One unexpected comment captured my attention as I was reading through our Healthy HIP Pack surveys from last year. Many of the comments are just one word or phrase like “good”, “very good”, “it’s helpful” and “Thank you”. I understand that. You can guess the number of times I have left a narrative question completely blank when filling out a survey! That is why this comment with its personal details stood out to me:

“It will aid substantially while getting back on my feet after domestic violence, loss of a job, and loss of financial resources. I am a single and a sole parent, and any help at this time means a lot! Thank you.”

That is a lot to deal with for anyone. To my surprise, or shall I say to my horror, this theme of “fallen into hard times” came up repeatedly as I kept going through the comments:

“I currently don’t have a job at the moment so this will help greatly until I find a job”
“The next few months while her dad is out of work due to an injury”
“Having a hard time (just moved, and lost job)”

These families often don’t have any other option but to rely on nonprofits like HIP for basic services. HIP is stretched thin as the need for help in our community continue to rise. That is why we need your support today. Please consider making a donation to HIP so that we can continue to provide these vital food resources to our neighbors in need.

Our programs at HIP have grown over the years and our costs have continued to go up. However, our revenue has not kept pace. We need your help to keep our programs running.

Would you consider donating to HIP today?

Last month, children across the country went back to school. Our Healthy HIP Packs and Afterschool Snacks Programs started along with the new school-year to make sure that children in our communities are well nourished to bring their full selves to the classroom to learn. This is critical work and we need your donations to keep us moving.

We have the power to create change when we work together. Every donation counts. Together we can make sure that our neighbors, children and seniors alike, don’t go hungry. Hunger is not inevitable, but change is. I hope we can count on your support to banish hunger, forever.

With hope and gratitude,
Srijan Chakraborty
Executive Director


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