Advocacy Alert: SNAP is under attack. Take Action.

Take Action: Proposed USDA rule threatens to take food off the tables for hundreds of thousands of individuals

On Friday, the USDA published a proposed rule change that would take away SNAP (commonly known as food Food Stamp) eligibility for 755,000 unemployed and underemployed adults. That means cutting SNAP food benefits by $15 billion over 10 years. This change would mean increased hunger and poverty in our communities.

Take action today: Make a public comment opposing this rule.

It seems there is relentless attack on SNAP to dismantle one of the most effective anti-hunger and anti-poverty measures in our country. But our collective actions can make a difference. Due to huge pressure from many anti-hunger advocates around the country, including you, last year Congress passed the bipartisan Farm Bill that rejected harsh and harmful proposals that had the same goal as this proposed rule. That is why the USDA needs to hear from you, letting them know through public comments that the proposed change will worsen hunger and poverty.

Tell the USDA That Hunger Knows No Time Limit.

Use the model template provided by the Food Research Action Center to submit your public comment, but remember to personalize the template as comments must be at least 30% unique to be considered. The public comment period closes on April 2.

Hunger Action Day

Back here in Washington State, join us on February 11th at the capitol building in Olympia for our annual lobby day. We will be lobbying in support of legislation that will provide more fruit and vegetables for SNAP and WIC households, eliminate school lunch co-pays, provide adequate lunch time for all students, reform TANF to help families living in deep poverty, and more. We hope you can join us. No prior experience necessary. Register Now! Training and guidance will be provided. Read more>>

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