One of the first lines of defense when someone like James falls into homelessness or poverty is our safety net programs including SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program that is more commonly known as Food Stamps) and Medicaid. These programs are literally lifeline for many families struggling to survive. They are investment in […]

Protect The Safety Net

Senior Meals Setup
You may remember James from an earlier story here. James is not his real name, but all other details are true. He has been a regular diner at our Senior Meals for years. Recently I saw him at our meal and this piece is based on my conversation with him. – […]

James, almost two years later

A note from Ty, our Summer Meals outreach and activities coordinator extraordinaire! It is the middle of June and Summer Eats is only a week away. Planning the activities and securing all of the volunteers has been a mingle of creativity, some long hours, and of course sheer luck! So […]

How Summer Eats is more than food

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It’s not that time to say goodbye to Sam and Grace yet, but we are in the process of recruiting our new AmeriCorps members for next program year (2017-18). If you know anyone who is passionate about food and want to share that love to end hunger, send them our way! […]

HIP is recruiting for 2017-18 AmeriCorps positions

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A sneak-peak of fun summer activities coming to HIP Summer Eats sites near you. From Ty, our Summer Eats Program Coordinator Extraordinaire! Hello fellow HIP lovers! Summer is coming and we are so glad to say that our Summer Eats Program is coming along nicely. This summer is filled with new […]

Summer fun is about to be unleashed!

Volunteer Party Flyer Header (500x380)
  Wednesday, June 14, 6:00 pm Fellowship Hall, Lake City Presbyterian Church It’s time to celebrate! The school year is wrapping up in little more than a month. With that, another year of our Healthy HIP Packs Program and our Afterschool Snacks Program is coming to an end. During the current […]

Save the Date: Volunteer Appreciation Party

A reflection from Grace Marshall, one of HIP’s Nutrition Program Coordinators, about a Cooking Matters class she is coordinating. As my second Cooking Matters class series nears the end, I can’t help but feel sad. I feel I have gotten just as much out of the class as the participants have, […]

Food, Fun, and Creating Community

Grocery Aisles 2
Have you ever stood in a supermarket grocery aisle flummoxed at the thousands of options of food in front of you? You are not alone. There are hundreds of varieties in every major category including cereals, condiments, crackers, and beverages. Unless you have already developed a strong preference for a […]

So many choices, nothing to choose

Eric Harris
We are very happy to introduce to you our newest Board member: Eric Harris! He joined us last month. Here is a brief bio of him. Please help us welcome him to HIP! Eric Harris was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has traveled across the US and Europe […]

Introducing our newest Board member: Eric Harris