Check out this shiny new annual report card for our fiscal year ending in September 30, 2017. With your support, we had yet another phenomenal year of serving our community. We hope you feel good about what we have accomplished together. You have taken a stand for children and families […]

Report to the Community: HIP 2016-17 Annual Report

One of the most exciting developments in the last few years for HIP has been our partnership with schools who are stepping up to take leadership in addressing childhood hunger. In 2016, HIP pioneered a school-to-school model in which a low-needs school helps support the food needs of a high-risk […]

More schools stepping up to end childhood hunger

As Kelly, one of our superstar AmeriCorps members this year, completes her first quarter at HIP, she reflects on her experience so far. I’ve been with with HIP for 3 months now, and for those of you who don’t know, 3 months is a milestone in Americorps time. I’m already […]

Why my AmeriCorps term at HIP is totally worth it

The modern grocery store is designed to hide the impact of seasons on the consumer. What a reality check it was, when the volunteer who does the grocery shopping for our Senior Meal Program had to report back that there were no oranges. No oranges? No oranges, because what wasn’t […]

It’s all connected

Hot nutritious meals for people experiencing homelessness Every year when the fall season rolls around and our good friends at the Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness start their winter shelter program for people experiencing homelessness in our neighborhood, we try to do our part by providing some hot and nutritious meals at […]

HIP Meals for the winter shelter

HIP Cooking Matters classes in the community for teens and adults We had a cooking matters class earlier this year with a Muslim women’s group at the North Seattle Family Center. They liked the class so much that they signed up their teen-aged girls! Kelly, one of our new AmeriCorps […]

Learning the joy of cooking

That is right! Hunger Intervention program (HIP) is looking for an AmeriCorps VISTA member who will be our Food Security Awareness Champion next year. This is a full time (40 hours/week) position for one year starting end of February 2018. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in gaining a well-rounded […]

We are looking for a champion!

Please welcome our newest Board Member — Carrie Bates. We are excited to have her join our team! Carrie is a Corporate Relations Officer at United Way of King County where she has worked since 2014 bringing people together to build a stronger community where people have homes, students graduate, and families […]

Introducing our newest Board Member!

Everybody knows about the elephant in the room we don’t talk about, but what about the invisible gorilla we don’t see? If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend it. It blew my mind when I saw it for the first time. Recently I read an article in the New York Times that […]

What we don’t see can hurt us