During HIP’s ten-year anniversary event, former Executive Director, Kate Ortiz, recounts her experience in the old HIP office. In my working career before HIP, I had always had unconventional work spaces. A past office space always ran 10-20 degrees hotter than my coworkers’ offices. So when Linda showed me my […]

“Are you okay in here?”

By now you’ve probably heard of our HIP Pack packing parties, those twice-a-month events where volunteers gather to assemble hundreds of weekend food packs (a.k.a. HIP Packs) for students at our partner schools. What you might not have heard of, however, are all the little behind-the-scenes roles that go into […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Xander & Jonathan

Ever wonder how HIP got its name? Well wonder no more! Allow us to take you on a journey through HIP’s history, starting from its nascence in the 1990s. Back in the early ’90s, Linda Berger (pictured above) began working with Operation: Sack Lunch (OSL), a non-profit which still exists today feeding individuals […]

What’s in a name?

Can you guess what those three foods have in common? Well, they are all foods that I loved growing up, and yes, you guessed it, they’re all casseroles. Tuna Noodle casserole brings back memories of my elementary school cafeteria, Chicken Enchilada casserole found its way onto the dinner table often […]

Spinach Broccoli, Chicken Enchilada, and Tuna Noodle

No one should be denied food, health care and other basic necessities of life Immigrants who come to this country for a better life, as immigrants from all over the world have done for the last 500 years, are legally entitled to some of the federal benefits, including emergency food support. […]

Add your voice against public charge

Sam and Trisha, our two new AmeriCorps members, joined HIP at the beginning of October just as our new school year programming was picking up steam! We are excited to have them join our team. Please welcome them and stop by to say Hi! Samantha Hoeper Hi everyone! I’m so […]

Meet HIP’s new AmeriCorps members!

  Let us introduce you to the newest member of HIP’s Board of Directors — John Knight. While he is new to the board, he is a veteran HIPster! Here’s a little more about him. John Knight has been active with HIP for over 7 years and has been a […]

Introducing John Knight

Barb, one of our regular meal Senior Meal volunteers, recounts her experience marching with HIP in the Lake City Seafair Parade a few years ago. It was summertime in Lake City, so the weather was beautiful. The salmon festival parade was coming up and HIP needed volunteers to join the march, so […]

When the HIP Grannies Marched