Nourishing Generations Legacy Circle

When you contribute to HIP through your will or living trust, you are investing in a vision of a community where no person is hungry and all have consistent access to nutritious, delicious, sustainable, and culturally relevant foods.

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A bequest has three basic parts and can be flexible and changed depending on your life circumstances. Suggested language* includes:

1. Name Hunger Intervention Program as your beneficiary

I give to Hunger Intervention Program (Tax ID #26-3716527) located in Seattle at 3841 NE 123rd Street, Seattle, WA 98125 …

2. Identify what you wish to give. HIP can accept cash, stocks, vehicles, retirement funds, and bank accounts. Check out the Other Ways to Give section on our Donate Page to learn about how to donate stocks, vehicles, and retirement funds. Select the line that applies to you:

Bequeath an overall percentage of your estate, which allows you to increase your gift as your assets increase without revising your will.

I give _____________ % of the rest and residue of my estate.

Give a specific dollar amount from your estate.

I give the sum of $_________________ (provide specific dollar amount)

Make a residual gift after other gifts are distributed

I give, devise, and bequeath to HIP the rest and residue of my estate.

Give a specific asset

I give my _______________ (list specific asset).


3. Include how you would like your gift to be used. Examples include:

I would like my gift to be used to support HIP’s mission.

I would like my gift to support a specific program of HIP’s ________________(list program here. Please consult HIP before listing program to ensure your wishes can be implemented).

*Suggested language only. HIP urges all donors to consult their financial and legal advisors to create an estate plan.

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I can’t imagine not having food when I’m hungry and I want to make sure kids have enough food. Thank you for all you do in our community by helping feed hungry kids.”

A 5th grader at a local school and a girl scout who donated proceeds from her cookie sales to HIP