Our Values

Our values not only define what we do, but also guides how we operate every day.


Nutritious Food

We believe that eating healthily is a basic foundation for optimum health and well-being.  We strive to prepare and serve high quality food that is nutritious, seasonal, varied, and made from scratch.


We celebrate the connections that food fosters in our diverse community.  We believe in strengthening the community by building strong and vital partnerships with our volunteers, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals.  We welcome everyone.


We believe that every individual should have access to nutritious meals. We know that inequities to food access exist and we focus our resources on programs and activities that reduce these disproportionalities.


We believe that individuals are empowered when they have the cooking and shopping skills that lead to better nutrition and improved health.  We strive to provide education that will lead to self-sufficiency. We also strive to provide broader education on our food system, existing policies and on how to organize and advocate for food rights for all. 


We believe that to end food insecurity, existing policies, systems and institutions must change.  We advocate for and alongside those most in need and empower people to do so as well.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe food should be grown in an environmentally sustainable way so that we can continue to grow food for generations to come. We strive to make environmentally friendly decisions in all aspects of our program operations.