Introducing our newest Board member: Eric Harris

We are very happy to introduce to you our newest Board member: Eric Harris! He joined us last month. Here is a brief bio of him. Please help us welcome him to HIP!

Eric HarrisEric Harris was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has traveled across the US and Europe gaining experiences in culture and organizational development along the way.

He currently works as the Manager of Technology Enablement at Nintex, where his main responsibility is to ensure the alignment of technologies by Nintex and its technology partners as well as build relationships that enable Nintex and its partners to grow while solving innovation challenges of today.

During his spare time, he enjoys mentoring youth, DJing, photography and helping community-based organizations tackle and eliminate issues facing many at-risk youth/families today. As a new member of the Northwest community, he wanted to join an organization such as HIP that aligned with one of his core values for serving underrepresented minorities. He understands the value of human resources and serves with different organizations empowering local leaders to make a difference and inspire others along the way.

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