Volunteer Spotlight: An Interview with Afterschool Snack Volunteers

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Fiona and Yasmeen have both been volunteering with HIP’s afterschool snack program since its kick off in October. At the Lake City Library they made time, between serving incoming kids, to quench our curiosity about all things snack.IMG_0669

What drew you to volunteer for this program specifically?
Yasmeen: I wanted to volunteer in a food-related field as my ultimate aspiration is to become a dietitian.  I thought working with HIP would broaden my professional experience with food.

Fiona: I worked with HIP for Summer Meals two years ago and had an amazing experience.  I loved working with HIP and now that I’m a Lake City local, I wanted to continue working with such a great organization and give back to the community I now call home.

What keeps you volunteering for snack?
Yasmeen: It’s a fun environment and I like seeing the kids’ reactions when they find out what the snack is, especially when it’s PB&J, the local favorite.

Fiona: I enjoy seeing the regulars and striking up awkward conversation with the youth.  My volunteer buddy, Yasmeen, the Lake City Library staff, and the passersby also make the snack hour lively.

Have you learned anything from volunteering for the afterschool meal program?
Yasmeen and Fiona: We both feel like we’ve been able to improve our communication skills with children.  We’ve also become more aware about what’s going on in the community by talking to the families that frequent the library and staying tuned to the updates on the community information board.

Are you ever surprised by what foods are or aren’t popular?
Yasmeen: I was surprised that apples and pears weren’t more popular.

Fiona: I assumed carrots and ranch would be more popular, but alas, it is not.  Shout-out to PB&J!

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February 8, 2015

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