A Summer Serving Lake City

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Working with the good people at the Hunger Intervention Program has been a real blast. I had so much fun getting to know all my kids more personally, as well as their parents. I was a bit worried in the beginning that I was not going to be able to interact very well with the children, but the kids at Lake City Community Center were really nice. They were never too grabby and always formed a line, making my work such a pleasure that I sometimes wonder if there is anyone who would not undertake such a job if they knew how rewarding it was.

Serving snack one day, I noticed two little girls, about four or five years old, approaching my location so I grabbed a couple of snacks from my cooler and handed it over to them. When they were done, they asked for more. Because I was still at the beginning of the meal service, I let them know that they may not have more snacks right know, but that they had to wait until the last five minutes to get a second. Still craving a snack, they tried to lift open the lid, but they were no match for my strength, then they attempted to wrestle me off the cooler, smiling and giggling all the while. It was heartwarming to see such innocence and bliss in those two girls. I am really glad to have done this, because it reminded me of my own happy childhood. Serving children this summer has re-connected me to my spiritual side, and I believe I have become a better person for doing so.



Serving lunch at the Lake City Community Center



HIP at Alber Davis

Some of our awesome volunteers.


Local radio stations, carnival games, and even a bounce house at this year’s field day at the Community Center!

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August 18, 2016

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