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The need for healthy, affordable food in our community is growing. At HIP  we are trying to expand our programs to meet that need. Since its launch in 2011, our Healthy HIP Packs program has grown from serving 9 children at one school, to currently serving over 220 children at five schools. We have also expanded our educational programs, including Cooking Matters classes. This is the first year HIP is hosting two AmeriCorps members, instead of one, to keep pace with our expanded programming. We are glad to have Sam join our team earlier this month. Along with Grace, Sam will help coordinate our Healthy HIP Packs program as well as other educational programs. Please welcome Sam!

Hi! My name is Sam Tomac and I’m the second half of our AmeriCorps team for this year at HIP. Grace and I will be teaming up to run the HIP Backpack Program, Cooking Matters classes, and Summer meals down the line. It’s been a whirlwind first week and I couldn’t be happier to be working with so many amazing volunteers, community members, and full time HIP-sters.

I just relocated to the Seattle area! I’m originally from the Central Coast of California (San Luis Obispo) and grew up visiting my family in Seattle and Bellevue, falling in love with Seattle’s natural wonders, weather, and compassionate community. College took me back east to Boston, where I studied Communication for two years at Emerson College. I recently took a break from school to work full time in restaurants and bakeries as a manager, line cook, dishwasher, bread baker, pastry maker, and everything in between. I applied for Americorp so my love of food could be put towards a more service-based lifestyle. I’m most looking forward to sharing nutrition education through the HIP Packs program and our Cooking Matters classes!

I love exploring the city while listening to my podcasts and hope to try everyone’s favorite local restaurants (I’ve got a list going!). There’s so much hiking, exploring, and eating to do I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it all into the next 11 months of my service term. But a girl can try! I’m excited to meet everyone, so please stop by to say hi at the office or at our next HIP pack packing party.

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October 12, 2016

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  1. Norma Huff

    Hi there. I’m Darcy’s mom. Darcy started out with HIP where you are. You are so lucky to be with HIP. From Srijan on down its full of fantastic people. To that end I will be supporting you all with snacks and donations. I live in Florida, so that’s all I can do but if I visit Darcy I’ll say hi in person. Have too much fun! Norma


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