Introducing Bryn Robertson: Newest addition to our team!

by | May 19, 2018 | Blog, News / Press Release, Senior Community Meals | 2 comments

With the expansion of HIP’s Senior Community Meals Program, we needed to expand our staff as well. We are excited to have Bryn join us starting this month as our Senior Meal Program Coordinator. Here is a brief intro from Bryn in her own words.

Hello everyone! I’m Bryn, the new Senior Meal Program Coordinator here at HIP!

I grew up in Austin, Texas, but for the past four years I lived in Montreal while attending McGill University, where I studied Psychology and International Development. While I was there I spent a lot of time volunteering for a community food center, which really opened my eyes to how even in a big city where food seems so abundant, people can still be food insecure. I’d always been passionate about food – cooking, baking, and sharing food with my friends, but volunteering there ignited my passion for ensuring that healthy food is accessible to all. I graduated from McGill in April of 2018, and I am so excited to bring my passion and motivation to my work at HIP! I’ve already had the chance to meet many of our wonderful senior meal volunteers and participants, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone who’s involved in making HIP happen.

Outside of work, I love spending time reading (especially while sitting in a hammock), petting good dogs, and of course, cooking! I also enjoy hiking, gardening, and being outdoors in general. I have never lived in the Pacific Northwest before now, so I will have to get used to the rain, but I already know that the amazing people here will more than make up for it!

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  1. Kay Robertson

    Congratulations Bryn. I know you will do great things. You are a very special young lady and especially my niece.

  2. Norma

    Bryn is a great worker and more importantly, a wonderful person with a compassionate heart. You’re very fortunate to have her at HIP. 🙂


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