More Than a “Lunch Guy” at Meadowbrook

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My name is Ty Chapman and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, and my time working for HIP with close relations to the United Way of King County has definitely been an experience of a lifetime. The most notable experience that I have cherished is my growing relationship with the kids.

At first, I was not sure if the kids would like me or think I’m fun. Not to mention, all of the kids weren’t so friendly from the start. But over time, lunch after lunch, and field trip after field trip, I had started to realize that the kids had become not so hostile, but rather, more friendly.

At last, I was not just some “lunch guy” who served them food. Instead, I became more of a friend / role model. This experience of earning the kids respect has taught me that some things in life just take/ need time. Thereby, my job at Americorps has taught me the life long lesson that time is of the essence.

I hope everyone at some point in their lives tries to give back a bit, for the purpose of experiencing a positively fulfilling job that may come along with a few extra learning experiences.

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August 28, 2018

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