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Meet all of our wonderful interns and summer staff. We are very lucky to have such a great crew this year! The work alongside our Summer Eats Associates from The United Way of King County — you can read about them here.


Hello! I’m Aleta, a Certified Nutritionist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor and am currently a dietetic intern completing part of my food service management rotation at HIP. I lead nutrition related activities as part of the Summer Meals Program, assists with food prep for the weekly East African Senior Meal, and am evaluating and analyzing the nutritional content of HIP’s weekend food packs. In my free time, I love to hike, spend time with my dog Rhubarb, and make creative flavors of homemade ice cream.


I’m Angel, my Chinese name is 张哲,I’m from Yunnan University in China and I am a full-time junior student. I am an intern at HIP for a month to help with Summer Eats. I am here to experience American culture, learn English, help more people and make more friends.


Hello! My name is Maymun and I’m an intern with SYEP. What made me want to apply to the Seattle Youth Employment Program was because I wanted my first job to be something I genuinely wanted to do. I first heard of the program from my older siblings who wanted me to try it out so I applied and a few months later, got accepted. 

I didn’t know what to expect because this was my first experience in a working environment and I think I’m still adjusting. I originally chose to intern at the Northwest African American Museum but it did not work out so I found out about the Hunger Intervention Program instead! One thing I like about HIP is what the program is all about and what it is trying to achieve. I think by the end of my internship I will be able to learn new things and develop my skill set. The different sites I go to are really fun and I especially enjoyed when the reptile man came and showed a bunch of amazing animals to the kids. 

I really appreciate that I got such a cool position for my first job and I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks left of my internship.


Hello! My name is Emma Begley-Collier. I am the event coordination intern at the Hunger Intervention Program this summer, sent to HIP by a non-profit called Teens in Public Service. Next school year, I will be a junior at Roosevelt High School. Outside of doing fun activities at HIP, I enjoy reading, spending time with my cat MelMel, competing on the debate team, running and hiking slowly, taking naps, working on my school newspaper, and drinking chocolate milk. I am loving my first few weeks at HIP and am looking forward to the rest of the summer!


 My name is Hailey Tauscheck, a running start student at Nathan hale high school for class of 2020. I am participating in the HIP program for my senior project here at Hale, but primarily to help kids and families in need of food. I am looking forward to gaining real world experience and working directly with people to make change. I am excited to be working with many kids and families all summer long to participate is group art activities, educational food activities, and helping to serve free meals to kids and adults in need this summer! Having been to distribution events through the Food bank at North Helpline in Lake City, I was able to see such a large amount of people in need, and with HIP I am able to work towards helping those people.


Hi! I’m Marianna! Two years ago I was introduced to Meal Program Manager Darcy Buendia as a volunteer while studying Nutrition at Bastyr University. I so enjoyed volunteering with the HIPsters and was very excited to be asked to come back as a summer employee! I’m happy to share my passion for food and community nutrition with North Seattle while working with the fun team at HIP and engaging with youngsters! This program allows all of us to support our community with fresh, balanced and delicious meals!


Hi! My name is Samira and I wanted to become a SHA intern because I work well with others. I also love working and playing with kids. My favorite part of summer so far is playing with kids and making up new fun games for them to play and watching them have fun brings me joy. Being an SHA intern has shown me that age doesn’t mean anything when to holding your own responsibility. It’s made a huge impact on me, now I know how to work hard so that I can get a better job in the future.


My name is Aisho, I’m 15 years old and the reason why I wanted to be a SHA intern is because I love helping my community and I love to help with things like playing with kids and interacting with them. My favorite things about Summer Eats is being around kids and getting to play with them. I think that being an SHA intern gives me more practice on having kids and working with kids in my community.


My name is Nimat and I am 14 years old. I am going into the 9th grade next school year. I became an SHA intern because I wanted to do something fun and wanted something to keep me occupied over the summer. My older sister was an SHA Intern, so that is how I got involved. My favorite part of summer meals is doing the activities with kids like painting, face painting, playing board games, and being able to really engage with everyone. I think being an SHA intern impacts my future plans by giving me experiences that I could use later on in life and by also giving me insights as to what working with kids looks like.


Hi, my name is Svenja! When I first heard about this program, I was attracted by it deeply. I want to help children. I want to help people who are in need. I like this program’s aim. And for going to the US, I came here to improve my speaking English and listening English, I’m poor at these two parts. For myself, I’m a Chinese girl who loves and want to help people.

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August 1, 2019

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