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Frankie Beach
I’m Frankie and I’m the new 2019/2020 AmeriCorps member, serving as a Nutrition Program Coordinator! I grew up in Irvine, California and just graduated from Scripps College, where I studied philosophy. I’m excited to serve at HIP because I respect the mission here, which integrates food justice work with nutrition and nutrition education. I’m interested in working to make healthy food accessible to every community and ensuring that food security is a human right rather than a privilege, so I am very excited to get involved with the work that HIP does! In my free time, I make music, spend time outside, move my body in various ways such as yoga and dance, and bake large amounts of vegan banana bread. I also love to read and write, and I am always looking for book suggestions! In the future, I hope to continue being involved with food justice issues. I want to learn more about the impact that non-profits such as HIP make in their communities and beyond, and what role I personally can have in making a change. I hope to learn more about food insecurity in Seattle and the barriers people face in gaining access to food, especially nutritious food. I am already loving being here, and I am looking forward to the rest of my term!

Evelyn Morris
My name is Evelyn and I am so humbled to become a part of this amazing HIP community with you all. I was born and raised in Seattle but ventured across the country to attend college at Davidson College in North Carolina where I received degrees in Psychology and Public Health. Food has always been my passion; I listen to four different food podcasts, I get as much pleasure from reading recipes or food essays as bestselling novels, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing a meal with those I love. I am hoping to channel this passion for food into a career as a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health because I want to provide accessible and relevant nutrition and cooking education on a community level, while also conducting community-informed research to affect policy change related to the accessibility of nutritious, affordable and culturally relevant foods. I am excited to build upon my knowledge of the food landscape of Seattle at HIP, and cannot wait to build relationships with the community members we will be working with during our nutrition education programming and our Healthy HIP Packs program!
When I am not eating or cooking, you can find me running or walking through our beautiful Seattle neighborhoods, losing at trivia, browsing used bookstores, and watching low-brow reality television. I am looking forward to meeting you all over these next 10.5 months!

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October 8, 2019

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