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A note from Bryn Robertson, HIP’s Senior Meals Program Coordinator.

What’s your favorite type of candy?

When I was younger, I would trick or treat on Halloween with a group of my friends, and then we would all go back to one friend’s house to review and compare (and, of course, sample!) our loots from the night’s adventure. We would sit in a circle, and dump our pillowcases out in front of us. Then, the “for keeps” candy would be separated off to the side, while the “for trade” pile would grow in the center of our circle. There was always the haggling down of prices — have you heard how many M&Ms a Twix bar is going for these days? Everyone made their trades, took what they wanted from the center, and we were all happy.

I have such fond memories of Halloween, and how everyone ended up with the candy they wanted, just by sharing with friends. I have memories of the generosity of my neighbors, and watching families share the joy of a sweet treat. Last year, I passed out candy for the first time, and I remember how excited the kids were to get one more piece of candy. 

If you celebrate Halloween, this year I invite you to take a moment to enjoy the feeling of sharing a treat with others — friends, neighbors and family. We at HIP work to not only provide people with food, but also to nourish the community that is built around food. At our Lake City Seniors’ Community Meal, we serve almost 300 meals each week, and we always serve something sweet for dessert for folks to enjoy while chatting with their friends.

I enjoy all kinds of sweets, and I especially enjoy sharing them with my friends, but my favorite candy has always been a milky way midnight: dark chocolate, caramel, and nougat. Yum!

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October 21, 2019

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