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Nicki Rosling

My Name is Nicki Rosling, I am born and raised right here in the very beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’m currently the Branch Manager at HomeStreet Bank in Lake City.

God has blessed me with 3 beautiful children, Nicholas, Jeffery and Summer. I raised my children as a single parent since my daughter was just four years old. My children and I were blessed to actually be baptized together in Lake Tapps, a memory I hold dear to my heart and well never forget.

I have been fortunate to have started my financial career early on and now have 22 years in the field. I started off as a teller and within three months promoted to a personal banker. Throughout my years I have taken on many roles in the banking industry, but my absolute favorite is being a financial center manager! Being a manager at a bank allows me to truly impact customers lives as well as retain long standing relationships.

Another great addition to my employment, as well as my favorite part of my job is that I get to volunteer and boy, have I got a history of volunteerism! Volunteering is truly my passion. Knowing you make a difference to someone’s life in a significant way is truly a blessing to those who serve. I am truly excited to be apart of Hunger Intervention Program and see the differences we will continue to make in the lives of others!

Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor is a  Rehabilitation Counselor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), a branch of the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) that solely serves people with disabilities. Her role is to assist clients in accessing the tools, supports, and services required to achieve successful employment outcomes. Michelle shares time between two offices, working with clients in the North Seattle area and across the state as liaison to the University of Washington Medical Center. Prior to her work at DVR, Michelle provided classroom accommodations to students in the community college sector. She holds a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling with a focus on medical aspects of disability from Western Washington University.

Michelle sees the impact of food insecurity, homelessness, and disability in her work on a daily basis, and is inspired by what HIP is doing for her community.

Ruchi Charekar

Ruchi Charekar works at Eastside Baby Corner, a non-profit organization on the Eastside. She is an external face of her organization and works with potential and existing partners with other social/human service agencies. Ruchi also works as a consultant for Loveall Price & Associates, on special projects to support strategic planning for organizational restructuring and prioritization. Prior to relocating to United States, she worked on a project for UNICEF and State Government in India to tackle undernutrition and mortality among children under five. She holds a masters degree in Public Health and has earned postgraduate diploma in Public Health Nutrition. Ruchi is passionate about working for the underserved community to alleviate poverty and related social issues. Having worked on the issue of undernutrition, she strongly believes in order to achieve healthy and productive community; we must invest in meeting nutritional needs of the population. Ruchi is excited to join HIP and contribute to the amazing work the organization does for underserved populations in North King County.

On personal front, Ruchi is a creative person and loves cooking, gardening and taking her dog out on long walks. She and her husband love to travel and explore nature by taking time out from their schedules.

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December 17, 2019

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