Advocacy Alert: Take action to increase food access

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Washington State legislative session is going on right now and this is a great opportunity for us to push for anti-hunger policy priorities. Right now two bills need your urgent support. Please urge your lawmakers to prioritize budget investments in support of programs that increase access to nutritious food. Use the links below to add your name to sign-on letters by Sunday, February 16th. You can sign on as an individual and also mobilize within any organizations that you are part of to sign the letter as an organization.

Support adding $1.3 million to the Fruit and Vegetable Incentives Program to increase the affordability and access to fruits and vegetables for shoppers using SNAP.

Support our food banks with funding to relieve critical capacity gaps and expand Farm to Food Pantry.

HIP continues to speak up for equitable policies that not only increase direct access to food, but also address some of the root causes of hunger. Emergency food assistance is necessary because many people are struggling today to access food. However, when we are in this emergency mode for decades, it is clear that we need more systemic changes to address hunger. Food banks and meal programs should not become a long-term solution and a normal part of food access strategy for millions of people.

With your help, we can change that. Thank you!

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February 13, 2020

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