Farewell from Bryn

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“No you can’t stack one more box on top I’m at my max already.”

Bryn arrived at HIP two years ago as a new graduate of McGill University in Montreal. While managing senior meals, she has navigated through kitchen floods, a pandemic requiring more meals than ever, a reduction in volunteers due to safety requirements, and the challenge to make meals that used to be served in person to all take-out and delivery. She’s done it all with a very positive, can-do attitude and a great smile. She always made sure seniors received a nutritious meal, no matter what happens. She reminds us of the postal service creed — neither snow nor rain nor heat … Bryn will always make sure seniors get their meals!

Bryn is moving on to graduate school at the University of Washington for a Master’s of Science Degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering. We’ll sorely miss her at HIP. We wish her all the best. Here are some last words from Bryn.

As my time at HIP comes to a close, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the past two years since I started working at HIP. My first day was Wednesday, May 9, 2018, and wow, how things have changed at HIP since then!

“What is this and how can I use it in senior meals?”

My very first day “flying solo” with the senior meal program was Friday, May 18. Darcy stayed behind in the HIP kitchen to help cater a luncheon for the Lifetime Learning Center, while I brought food to the Lake City Community Center. That morning, we prepared one hundred and eighty meals – a feat that seemed incredible compared to the eighty meals I had become used to preparing and serving. I never would have guessed that just two years later, we would be preparing and serving one hundred and eighty meals every single meal day!

Over the last few months, I have watched HIP change so rapidly in response to COVID-19. We kicked off our summer meal program months early, started home deliveries for our senior meals, and are making more meals than ever before across all programs. Despite all the changes, one thing is constant: the strength and resilience of the HIP community. Dedicated volunteers, community partners, donors, and participants have all shown up to help keep HIP’s programs running and help one another during a difficult time.

I  have learned so many things since I started working at HIP, from cooking tips to life lessons shared by volunteers and participants. I’ve had so much fun! I feel so lucky to work alongside wonderful people who are excited to make and share food with our neighbors in Lake City and beyond. Thank you to everyone in the HIP community for making this time so special. Thank you for being a part of the HIP community and supporting our neighbors during this time and always. We’ll get through this together.

With deep gratitude,
Bryn Robertson
Senior Meals Program Coordinator

Bryn and Emily in front of the Lake city Community Center. Always serving seniors with a smile and fresh meals, dessert included.

Written by hungerintervention

July 17, 2020

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