Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Evan

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This month for our volunteer spotlight we’re meeting Evan. A rising junior at University Prep, Evan tried out a number of volunteer positions earlier this summer, but ultimately settled on becoming a HIPster. Evan loves being in the kitchen, and volunteers with both our Shelter Meals and Senior Meals programs.

When asked what stood out about HIP’s volunteer opportunities, Evan’s answer was twofold. For starters, he appreciates how direct his volunteer efforts are to the community around him. At HIP, he said, “you definitely feel like the food you’re making is going to help someone who’s in need of it.” Not only that, he’s an avid cook, and loves that he has found a volunteer opportunity that allows him to use his passion to help the community around him.

Evan appreciates the amount of cumulative cooking knowledge that can be found in the HIP kitchen. A particularly fond baker, Evan tends to be tasked with making our desserts, and he always enjoys picking up a tip or two from a fellow volunteer or staff member. We’re so lucky to have a passionate young volunteer like him as a part of the HIP family.

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September 3, 2021

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