Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Bruce

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Welcome to another volunteer spotlight! This month we’re learning about Bruce, but if you’ve helped at our Healthy HIP Packs packing parties you probably have already met him. Bruce has been with HIP since the beginning of the HIP Packs program, and has been one of our most steadfast volunteers since then.

Bruce’s journey with HIP began when his church was called to help pack up food for an early version of our HIP Packs program. He and his wife helped out, and he “just kept going…and kept going…and kept going,” and the rest is history. He is now a constant at our packing parties, always at the same spot on the assembly line.

Bruce finds that the HIP Packs program is a worthy cause to devote his time to because he truly believes in the necessity of fulfilling childrens’ nutritional needs. “I really feel that it’s extremely worthwhile to be completely and totally involved in this program,” he says, and we couldn’t agree more. Next time you’re at a packing party, be sure to say hi to Bruce and thank him for his service over the years!

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November 30, 2021

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