Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jane

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Welcome to 2022’s first Volunteer Spotlight! Today we’re featuring Jane, who has been volunteering in the HIP kitchen since July 2021, originally with Shelter Meals and now with Senior Meals. Jane found HIP while on a search for a food-related volunteer position that allowed her to develop her kitchen skills. She tried out a number of spots before she found HIP. “The feel of the kitchen really just blew me away,” she explained as she talked about her first shift.

Soon enough she was bringing her friends, and today we can’t imagine what Senior Meals would be without her! One of Jane’s favorite parts of her time in the kitchen is the conversation that goes on around cooking. Whether it’s sharing recipes or discussing cooking techniques, she appreciates the chance to sharpen her skills while helping others.

As a former staff member at Northwest Harvest, Jane understands the importance of HIP’s three-pillared mission. “Food is a right, and everyone deserves a good meal,” she explains. However, “you can keep serving meals forever and ever and ever, but the way you can stop hunger is through advocacy.”

Though Jane is always excited about the quality of the meals HIP prepares, her favorite foods to come out of the kitchen have been almond cookies and vegetarian chili. If you’d like to know more about what Jane is up to when she’s not at HIP, you can check out her housewares line, Jane Domestic.

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December 28, 2021

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