Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Fiona

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This month we’re featuring Shelter Meals volunteer Fiona. Fiona began volunteering with HIP over the summer and has been helping out weekly with Shelter Meals ever since. A Lake City local, she found out about HIP by seeing us around the community in places like the Lake City Farmers Market. Fiona has seen how food insecurity is a problem in the community, and this concern led her to HIP.

Fiona likes that HIP is a local organization that serves its own community, and relates to HIP’s goal of building community through food. “Growing up,” she says, “food was the center of a lot of family and a lot of community, and a lot of culture as well…there’s more to it than just nourishment of your body.” She admires HIP’s programs which focus on providing culturally-relevant food, like the East African Senior Meal. “Reflecting the culture of the people who are here is a huge element that makes this organization unique,” she explains.

Fiona has always tried to find ways to incorporate volunteering into her life. She finds herself returning to the HIP kitchen week after week not just because of the mission, but also because she enjoys working with Rachel and other HIPsters. As a remote worker, Fiona likes to be able to come to HIP and “work a different muscle” and be around other like-minded people. It’s been a joy to get to know Fiona and have her help every week.

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October 31, 2022

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