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Orange Slice

The modern grocery store is designed to hide the impact of seasons on the consumer. What a reality check it was, when the volunteer who does the grocery shopping for our Senior Meal Program had to report back that there were no oranges. No oranges? No oranges, because what wasn’t lost in California’s fires, was ruined by Florida’s hurricanes. What little citrus is for purchase is significantly more expensive this year. In turn, this directly affects the donation stream. Donors can rarely afford to donate during a shortage.

The orange is a special fruit. Maybe I’m being overly partial because I’m from Florida myself, but citrus is a special ray of sunshine in winters drab produce season. It’s one of the few seasonal fruits in the winter and one of the best seasonal sources of vitamin C.

To be affected in this way, by events that are happening across the country, exacerbated by human-driven global climate change, is a poignant reminder of how interconnected we are. It’s also a reminder that it can be so easy to take things for granted. It takes so many people to put on every meal we cook. To the farmers, truck drivers, our partners who provide us with donated food, donors who keep the lights on, volunteers who turn food into meals — we don’t take you for granted. Our interconnectedness with you makes us stronger and better. Thank you for being a part of HIP.

Thank you,
Darcy Buendia
Meal Program Manager

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