Summer fun is about to be unleashed!

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A sneak-peak of fun summer activities coming to HIP Summer Eats sites near you. From Ty, our Summer Eats Program Coordinator Extraordinaire!IMG_3980 (480x480)

Hello fellow HIP lovers! Summer is coming and we are so glad to say that our Summer Eats Program is coming along nicely. This summer is filled with new activities and sponsors that will bring back the nostalgia of classic summer camp and the whimsical fun of a child’s imagination. It has been agony keeping all these awesome details on Summer Eats under the wraps for so long. We think it’s time to give you a sneak peak on the action!

One program we will be having this year is called Sun & Fun. It is a rotating list of activities that will happen at every Summer Eats site. Although it is packed with awesome creations I can only reveal one: interactive world map day. What is interactive map day, you ask? It is a day where we bring a map to a meal site and tell children about the history of one city in a random country — this is the map part of the day. The interactive part of the day is the historical project we bring with us to the site. An example would be a day when we bring a map and point out Egypt, then paint hieroglyphics, build 3D pyramids, and talk about the important ways they created sustainable food systems, mummies, and the sacred beetle. This summer there will be a healthy balance of fun and education. Another spoiler alert, we will be having mini-chef cooking classes every week! Ever wanted to learn how to make fresh sushi? Now is your chance!

Summer Eats is going to be a fun invigorating time; we can’t wait for you to join us and experience the entertainment of the season! Our Summer Eats starts June 28th with our kick-off event at Paramount School Park in Shoreline. Hope to see you there!

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