Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Sarah

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This month we’re excited to meet Sarah. Sarah moved to Seattle in August of 2021 and quickly found out about HIP through our booth at the Lake City Farmers Market. She began volunteering right away and is now a regular part of our Friday Senior Meals team!

As a Seattle transplant, Sarah was looking for a way to get involved in her community and meet new people. She was immediately drawn to the fun, supportive environment of the HIP kitchen. “It’s been really fun because cooking for such a massive amount of people is very different,” she explained. “The skillset is not something that I had before just cooking for myself.”

Sarah has lived all over the country and knows what it’s like to live in a food desert. These experiences have made her aware of the importance of HIP’s work. She knows how important it is to provide “not just food itself, but also good quality food…having these services are super important and I love being a part of it.”

Sarah’s favorite meal that she has prepared in the HIP kitchen so far has been pasta e fagioli, one of her family’s staple dishes growing up. “Making it on a large scale for a bunch of people made me feel like I was bringing my mom’s spirit into the kitchen with me,” she explained. Sarah always makes our Fridays a bit better, and we are so grateful for all that she has done for HIP!

Written by hungerintervention

February 1, 2022

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