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Ashley Gailus, a regular volunteer who helps serve afterschool snacks at the Lake City Library, shares her experience volunteering for the  program.


Volunteering at the Homework Help program in Lake City has been a great learning experience for me. There is a such a wide range of children that come in and it was been wonderful to learn what the children are there for. For example, I had a night when a high school girl explained to me that she and her friends had been there since school got out and were all trying to work on an assignment together, so having the homework help there was a great opportunity for them as they did not have to leave for food. It was very motivating to know that what I was doing was actually making an impact on the kids.


The program was also very positive and fun because of the kids that I got to talk with, and seeing the little kids helping them write down their school names, while they are also looking up to the older kids and learning from them what is the correct thing to do. There was also a night that I had dropped some things and I had a few kids rush over to help me pick them up. They were so respectful and actually cared about those who were there for them, which was very impactful to me because I was there to help them, but in the end, they were the ones who were teaching me something. I genuinely enjoyed volunteering and would definitely go back to help any other time.

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April 20, 2018

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