Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Ping

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In this month’s volunteer spotlight we’re learning a little bit more about Ping! 

Ping found out about HIP through our AmeriCorps member Claire. They met while volunteering with Medical Teams International, and she has been a HIPster ever since! Ping is a pediatric nurse who currently works with Seattle Council Care Alliance’s Community COVID Vaccination Team, doing pop-up vaccination clinics in neighborhoods across Seattle. 

As a nurse, Ping is passionate about preventative care and believes in the importance of proper nutrition and having healthy, well-balanced meals in order to maintain your health. She loves being able to give back in a way that supports her values, and appreciates how HIP also offers advocacy and education in addition to its meal services.

Ping has made many meals at HIP, but her favorite dish she prepared was baklava with the Shelter Meals program. “That was such a trip,” she recalled, laughing about the time pressure they were under. “We were under the gun but it turned out fine, it was actually really good!”

These days Ping can be found cooking up some delicious food in the HIP kitchen or serving meals over at The Oaks, but she has also been known to help out at our Packing Parties. We love Ping’s positive attitude, and are so thankful that she is always willing to jump in and help wherever she’s needed.

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September 28, 2021

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