Bringing communities together for a healthy ethnic meal

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In addition to good food, participants learn culturally appropriate ways to eat healthy, and participate in fitness activities.

Earlier this month, HIP, in partnership with Lake City Collective, hosted the first in a series of Community Food and Fitness programs. With this program, HIP’s goal is to have different communities lead and organize each event so that it is truly community driven and culturally responsive to those directly impacted by food insecurity the most. In addition to providing stipend to a chef, an assistant, and an educator from the community, HIP will also hire a childcare professional from the community reducing one more barrier for families with children to attend the event.

Our first one was with the Chinese Community. A chef and  an assistant cook worked hard in the kitchen at the Lake City Community Center and cooked many traditional dishes. Hundreds of dumplings and nutritious sides were prepared from scratch while participants played ping pong and children were busy making crafts, and playing with riding toys kindly provided by the Lake City Community Center. Everyone had fun and learned some healthy eating tips. We can’t wait for our next event which will be in partnership with our Latinx community.

Funding for this program is provided by Seattle Human Services Department.

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