HungerCorps at the Farmers Market

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The Lake City Farmers Market is the perfect summer spot for families to buy fresh produce, enjoy delicious food, and keep their kids busy with fun activities. HIP is at the market every Thursday for our Summer Eats program with free meals available for children and their families. We typically pass out 45 meals a week. I’m lucky to be there every week running the booth.

The first week at the Farmers Market, I was welcomed by the sweet smell of fresh flowers and the bustling crowd of people making their way through the vendors. I’ve enjoyed talking to all the families that stop by for meals and hearing how they appreciate what we do.

HIP’s AmeriCorps member Claire Dunn has been doing cooking demonstrations at the site. Her lemony green beans and crispy halloumi tomato salad have been a big hit, bringing people in with the delicious smells of that week’s recipe.

Market celebrates community

It’s nearly impossible to walk through the market without coming out with a few purchases. I find myself buying a small bouquet of flowers for my mom and freshly made tamales for my dad almost every week. Bluebird Ice Cream has amazing flavors for a sweet treat, their vegan horchata ice cream being my personal favorite. The vendors have been so friendly and are always willing to chat about their business and their goods. 

I appreciate that the Lake City Farmers Markets brings in a diverse crowd of people from different backgrounds. Food accessibility is no problem. Customers can use their EBT/SNAP benefits to shop at any Farmers Market, and eligible customers can use Fresh Bucks Vouchers for produce.

No one should be deprived of healthy, nutritious foods and Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets makes sure to promote food justice and provide a sense of community to those who come.

Angelina is one of HIP’s 2021 HungerCorps members, and will be joining us as a Nutrition Program Coordinator in the fall! Angelina graduated from the University of Washington in 2020 with a degree in Public Health and a minor in Nutrition. Ever since taking nutrition classes and learning how many people in the country experience food insecurity, she has become very passionate about working towards increasing food accessibility for these communities. In her free time, she plays with her dog, goes to concerts and festivals, and tries new food places!

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