Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Lisa

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For this month’s Volunteer Spotlight we’re getting to know Lisa. Lisa joined HIP’s Senior Meal prep crew in January and has been volunteering on Mondays and Fridays ever since. Lisa has also been assisting with our current Cooking Matters course, leading the cooking portion of the class on Thursdays.

It’s only natural that Lisa has chosen to volunteer her kitchen skills in her retirement, since she cooked professionally for 15 years in high-end restaurants around the Pacific Northwest. When asked about her motivation to volunteer, she explained that she felt that it’s important to use her retirement to give back, and “it’s nice to use a skill that people can use.” We certainly agree, and our program team is very appreciative of her cooking knowledge.

Lisa loves the atmosphere of the Senior Meal prep shift, and is always impressed with the meals that Chef David plans. For Lisa, HIP has checked all the boxes for what she’s looking for in a place to volunteer. “It’s great making food. It really connects people, and I really enjoy it,” she explained. We feel the same way.

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May 26, 2022

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