Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Kris

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If you’ve ever come to Hunger Intervention Program’s Senior Community Meal at the Lake City Community Center, chances are you’ve met Kris. Kris is a part of HIP’s team of devoted volunteers who help serve at the community center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For Kris, her journey with the Senior Meal program began seven years ago. While she doesn’t remember exactly how she found out about the program, what she can remember is that she started her first day of volunteering with the prep shift in the kitchen. She then quickly decided that this particular position wasn’t for her, came down to the community center to help serve, and has been there ever since.

A Lake City resident for over 45 years, Kris began volunteering with HIP because she was looking for something to do that was nearby, and ended up staying for the people. Over the years she has gotten to know the meal program regulars, and loves getting to see them every week when they get their meals. At any given meal service, you’ll see Kris helping participants bag up their lunches, while chatting with them about whatever is new in their lives.

With hundreds of meals under her belt, Kris has seen a lot happen at the Senior Meal program. However, one of her favorite memories was when she reached out to the office of Rod Dembowski, Councilmember for the King County 1st District, to tell him about the program, and Rod himself showed up at the community center to serve meals shortly after (see right)!

After seven years with the Senior Community Meal, Kris has seen the many iterations of the program, and has turned herself into an indispensable part of the team. HIP staff, volunteers, and program participants depend on Kris’ reliability, can-do attitude, and friendly greetings to bring a sense of familiarity and comfort to the meal.

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April 29, 2022

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