Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Judith

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It’s time for another volunteer spotlight! This month we’re talking to long-time Senior Meal volunteer, Judith. Judith began volunteering in the kitchen with the Monday shift of the Senior Meal program about four years ago. Once she discovered that the best way to sample the food was by helping to serve, she started doing that too. Aside from the COVID quarantine period, Judith has been a weekly presence in the HIP kitchen, now working the Wednesday shift.

Judith found out about HIP through a volunteer website while she was working part-time as a nurse. When asked why she kept coming back, she spoke of the careful attention that HIP pays to clients. “I feel like the people that work here plus the volunteers are very receptive and open…There’s a good energy. Plus,” she adds, “it feels really good to make sure that people are getting really nice food…When I volunteered to do this I sort of pictured bad cafeteria food, and it’s just such a contrast for that. It’s beautiful food that’s presented in a really nice way.”

When asked about her favorite thing to prepare at HIP, Judith spoke to the variety of salads that David thinks up for the program. And while she isn’t one of HIP’s bakers, she does love to snack on the fresh cookies and other treats that come out of the oven.

Now fully retired, Judith enjoys the structure that volunteering brings, and we love seeing her every Wednesday around HIP.

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August 26, 2022

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