Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Larry

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We all know that HIP relies on volunteers to cook, serve, pack, and deliver for our various meal programs, but did you also know that we have specialized volunteer roles, like a volunteer to take care of our vans? Meet Larry, our van volunteer who makes sure that all of our vans (Big, Lil, and before her retirement, Wheezy) are up to snuff and ready to take our food and people wherever they need to go.

Larry’s wife Sandra has volunteered at HIP for many years, and when we put out a call last year for a van volunteer, she suggested Larry. When it comes to vehicles, Larry is a big believer in preventative maintenance, which is something that HIP’s vans have needed, but haven’t always gotten. Keeping track of scheduled maintenance, handling recalls, and dealing with dead batteries can be a major headache for HIP staff, which is why we decided that we needed someone dedicated to the wellbeing of these huge investments. Upon meeting Larry we knew that he was the man for the job.

Though we do our best to keep our vans in good condition between scheduled maintenance, Larry has needed to save the day for HIP on countless occasions. This summer, when Wheezy was the victim of gas siphoning not once, but TWICE, we were beyond grateful that we could call Larry. No matter the issue, we can rely on him to get our vans up and running in no time.

Larry and Sandra raised their family in Lake City and have always been volunteers in the community. Most notably, Larry has coached soccer and baseball in the area for years. Larry is a retired Fisheries Biologist, and previously worked at Snohomish County PUD and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. Today he continues to advocate for the conservation of our salmon and other fish populations. Big, Lil, Wheezy, and the rest of HIP’s staff feel lucky to have Larry to rely on.

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December 21, 2022

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