Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Sydne

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In this month’s volunteer spotlight we’re meeting Sydne. Sydne joined our volunteer team last year after retiring from her career in nursing. Today she helps with meal prep for the Senior Community Meal every Wednesday morning, and serving at the East African Senior Meal on Tuesdays.

When she first tried the food prep shifts with Senior Meal chef David, Sydne was immediately drawn to the way that the program was run. “I just fell in love with David’s incredible cooking and the idea of being able to provide such incredibly good, high-quality food to people,” she explained. She described how being in the kitchen is an engaging experience, and that you can tell by the quality of the food that the program is achieving its goal of providing nutrient-dense meals to seniors. “David creatively uses fresh ingredients to make really high quality, flavorful food for people,” she continued. “That’s a real gift. These are restaurant-quality meals, and I just like being part of that.”

Sydne is also HIP’s only volunteer who is involved with the East African Senior Meal on a regular basis. She enjoys working with chef Emebet and learning more and more about Ethiopian culture and North Seattle’s East African population. For her, volunteering with programs on a weekly basis is an important part of her volunteer experience, as it allows her to build community with fellow HIPsters while also contributing consistently to a larger cause.

You only have to spend a few minutes with Sydne to recognize her passion for serving others. HIP is incredibly fortunate to have her help not once, but twice a week! Volunteering at HIP is one of Sydne’s many activities. You can typically find her running, hiking, or having a big family dinner with her husband and kids.

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June 23, 2023

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